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CORDO to-go & CORDO@home a/k/a Eatkea

OK, the time has come: we also do delivery now, or you can drop by and pick up at CORDO. But it’s that simple, you need to eat, we need the money… Win Win, right?

Our chef Yannic and the kitchen team have prepared a self-finish-menu for you. It’s a lot easier than assembling a Billy shelf, honestly. Comes with a practical guide how to heat it up, looks great, tastes even better. Fun for the whole family.

Our sommelier, Difan has a small list of grapes turned into excellence for you as well, should you run out of wine over Easter. Everything is ready to provide you with that CORDO@home experience!

Order button below. Stay healthy, stay home, we got your back!

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Tuesday to Saturday 7 pm to Midnight. Last kitchen call for the big menu at 9:30 pm, the smaller ones at 10 pm.

Große Hamburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin

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