Bookings for larger groups

Our online reservation system enables reservations for up to 7 guests. If you would like to visit us with a larger group please send us an email to

Below are some frequently asked questions and policies for larger groups (7 guests or more): 

You can chose between two set menus, each made up of several courses. One is vegetarian, one might feature classic proteins such as fish or meat. We are truly sorry but we can not accommodate vegans at this point. Our current menus can always to be found on our website here.

All prices are gross prices; meaning they include 7 % VAT  for food, and 19 % VAT for drinks. They do not include any service charge.

To guarantee your reservation we will require a deposit of € 500,-  We are unfortunately unable to fully book your reservation until we have received such down payment.

The fastest way to transfer this amount with your name and the date of the reservation is via PayPal to the address:

With receipt of payment your reservation is confirmed.

Please also note that we will automatically add a service surcharge (tip) of 6% to your bill, which will be settled on the evening of your dinner.

Cancellation policy for groups of 7 people or more:

Should you have to cancel your reservation up to 30 days before the event date, we will refund the full amount.

Should you have to cancel up to 14 days before the date of the event, we will refund 25% of the agreed minimum amount.

If you cancel the event less than 8 days before its planned date, we will have to insist on the full deposit as a cancelation fee.

Should your group on the evening consist of 2 guests or more than originally reserved, we will also have to charge you the cost of the menu for the missing guests. Yes, no-shows are a serious problem for our industry.

Exclusive bookings (as in the entire restaurant):

We would love to accommodate exclusive bookings for you. We are able to cater to up to 43 people. If you have not been to our restaurant, it is rather long and narrow and divides into three different zones. And no, unfortunately we are not able to put all 43 guests into one and the same room. We have a front area, that can accommodate up to 22 guests. If your group is larger, we will comfortably spread you out over the middle and the rear area.

To request an exclusive booking, we recommend contacting us at least 60 days in advance, once again at

Should you wish to book the entire restaurant exclusively, we expect you to guarantee a minimum consumption of:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

€ 6.000,- gross, 19% VAT included

Friday and Saturday, days before holidays

€ 8.500,00 gross, 19% VAT included

and we do expect a deposit of the minimum amount. You can again  pay this by Paypal to with your name and reservation date. We are also happy to issue an invoice for you in advance. For which we will require your full and accurate invoicing details, incl. your VAT #

Only after the receipt of this deposit is your reservation fully guaranteed.

Please note that we will automatically add a service surcharge (tip) of 6% to your bill, which will be settled on the evening of your dinner.

We have a hospital across the street and out of consideration for all the patients there, events with us end at midnight.

We look forward to hosting your soon!