Welcome to CORDO!

Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30 pm
The CORDO closes on 31.12.2023

With one laughing and one crying eye we announce that the Restarant CORDO will provide the last service on 31.12.23. After that, the CORDO restaurant will no longer exist.

We opened the CORDO almost five years ago and Yannic Stockhausen and his wonderful colleagues in the kitchen and service have achieved great things! After 16 months, he was rewarded with 1 Michelin Star and has continued to achieve this every year. He also received the Green Star award for our sustainable work.
In these five years, Yannic’s cuisine has made many Berliners and many more foodies happy, touched their souls and given them great culinary “ah- and oh-experiences”.

The CORDO was our home for five years and was a lot of fun. But now we are closing.

Is that all?

Anyone who knows us knows that we get bored easily, find it very difficult to sit still and that we are always longing for new beginnings, change and fresh starts.

Anyone who knows Yannic Stockhausen knows that he is just as innovative and keen to experiment, and that he wants to try out even more and think even further outside the box. Rebellion as a privilege of youth – so to speak.

So here are just the facts:

If you want to enjoy Yannic’s soulful star cuisine and Nina’s great wine pairings again, you can do so until the end of the year.

The vegetarian Menu

(sorry we don’t do vegan at this point)

+ Big Garden Tour   140 €

Small Garden Tour   100 €

Wine Pairing    90 €

Non-Alcoholic Pairing (<1%)   70 €

Garden Tour

Macaron | Juzu | Mushroom

Jerusalem Artichoke Krustad | Coffee | Salty Plum

+ Dumpling | Cabbage | Dashi

. . .

Bread | Sauerkraut Butter

homemade with 24 hrs fermented sourdough

. . .

Beetroot | Buttermilk | Horseradish

. . .

Onion | Comté | Egg

. . .

+ Cabbage | Almond | Hazelnut | Mushroom

. . .

French Fries | Piment d`Esplette

. . .

+ Potato | Tarragon | Sea Buckthorn

. . .

King Oyster Mushroom | Onion | Black Garlic

. . .

+ Parsley Root | Liquorice | Radicchio

. . .

Quince | Semolina | Garum | Caramel

. . .

French Roll | Milk Slice