Welcome to CORDO!
Autumn is here, and so is our new menu!

Every Tuesday to Saturday, from 6:30 pm

and the VEGETARIAN Menu

(sorry we don’t do vegan at this point)

Garden Tour 135 €

Beverage Pairing  80 €


Jerusalem Artichokes / French Toast

Mushroom / Macaron


Homemade Sourdough Bread / Braised Onion Butter


Pumpkin / Smoked Paprika / Fromage Blanc


Oyster Mushrooms / Tarragon / Argan Oil


Potato / Mimolette / Egg Yolk

optional with autumn truffle + 30€


Cabbage Shoots / Pine Nuts / Seaweed


Black Salsify / Pistachio / Red Onion


Leek Roll / Black Garlic


Onion / Coconut / Green Curry


Quince / Salted Caramel / Hazelnut


Coconut Chou / French Roll



Dear guests, let it be a happy, healthy, surprising and beautiful 2022. We are in hibernation until 18.01.2022. From 19.01.2022 we open the doors again we have taken considerable precautionary measures for you and your safety in our restaurant: Our ventilation is mechanically supplied with fresh air from outside, and we changed the entire filtering of the system at close intervals. We have installed air purifiers that filter 99% of all bacteria out of the air, the hand soap in the toilets has an antibacterial effect, and we obviously pay meticulous attention to all hygiene regulations. The safety of our staff is of utmost importance to us; they are all vaccinated. You, dear guests, are very welcome, should you be recovered and/or vaccinated and if you are not boostered, i.e. have not received the 3.vaccination, please bring a daily updated rapid test result and a mask. These are the current 2G+ rules.You, dear guests, are very welcome, you should be recovered and/or vaccinated and please bring a daily updated test result and a mask. These are the current 2G+ rules. Upon entering the restaurant, please show our staff your convalescent and/or vaccination certificates via QR code, your ID and - if necessary - a negative test result. We will then document your data in addition to check-in with the LUCA APP. We look forward to a carefree and enjoyable evening with you. Thank you for your understanding, these days, but once the housekeeping is out of the way, we look forward to a delightful evening with you and, we are excited to provide you with a memorable culinary experience! Thank you for your understanding,
Thank you kindly!